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The Oxford Fintech & Legaltech Society (previously "Fintech & SmartLaw Society", FSS) was founded in 2017 by a group of Master's students in Law and Finance to discuss the impact modern technology is having on banks, financial institutions, legal services, and regulation. The Society aims to foster and develop education, research, community, and innovation in the field of financial and legal technology.

Our past events have included workshops on crypto-currencies and smart contracts, and panel discussions with academics and industry professionals in the fintech and legaltech industries. We also provide opportunities for aspiring students to meet and network with experts and alumni, provide interdisciplinary start-up and hackathon opportunities with like-minded students in computer science, finance or law, and help prepare for careers in corresponding fields. We have recently taken research initiatives to explore the impact of blockchain technology on the financial market infrastructure and regulations.

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We are involved in a wide range of activities including seminars, workshops, HQ treks, recruitment and networking events.







For further details on the event speakers, see Events.

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Internal - Talks, Panels and Workshops

Talk on "Current state of the Fintech industry and its challenges" by John Armour: Hogan Lovells Professor of Law and Finance at Oxford, Daniel Drummer, VP of Fintech at JP Morgan, and Lisa Rabbe, the CEO of Stratosphere Analytics LLC.

Talk on "Blockchain and its influence on law and finance" by Philipp Paech, Professor of Law at the London School of Economics, and Ivo Sluganovic.

Talk on "The DAO Heist: How to steal $50 million" by Laurence Kirk from extropy.io.

Talk on "The Impact of Brexit on the Fintech Industry" by Dan Awrey, Professor of Financial Regulation at University of Oxford, and Enda Palazzeschi from Banque de France.

Talk on "Intersection between Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence" by Vadim Fedchin, VC investor and Founder of United Business Angels, and Ivan Gorshunov, Partner at Etcetera Ventures and ex Mobile Apps Product Expert at Google.

Talk on "Open Banking: Challenges and Prospects" by Chris Hill, a Fintech Lead at Kemp Little, and Dan Awrey, Professor of Financial Regulation at University of Oxford.

Oxford Emerging Technologies Party.

Talk on "Introduction to Fintech and Fintech Careers" by David L. Shrier, CEO at Distilled Analytics, and Tram Anh Nguyen, the co-founder of CFTE.

Talk on "The Use of Blockchain in Finance" by Codework Mindstone.

Oxford Disruptive Tech Week: Hosted a Smart Contracts workshop that culminated in the live breeding of a Cryptokitty that was put on auction for charity.

Data Portability & Data Sharing Workshop with Oscar Borgogno at Open Data Institute.

Lecture on "Regulation of Crowdfunding" by Rotem Shneor, the co-founder and Board Member of the Norwegian Crowdfunding Association.

Celebrating Bitcoin's 10 Year Anniversary with Bitmex.

Talk on "Technical Aspects of Smart Contracts and Blockchain" by Cais Manai from R3.

Panel talk on "Legal Aspects of Smart Contracts and Transactions" with Stefan Loesch (Lexbyte), Mateja Durovic (King's College), Sarah Green (University of Bristol), and Gary Nuttall (Distlytics Ltd).

Panel talk on "The Practical Aspects of Smart Contracts and Blockchain" with seven industry experts.

A Seminar on open banking and competition policy by Oscar Borgogno.

Emerging Tech Societies Party.

Talk on "LegalTech Training: Upskilling for the 21st Century" by Nikita Aggarwal.

Talk on "Routes to Affordable Justice" by Etic Lab.

Talk by EY on legaltech innovation in the UK.

"Machine Learning, Law, and Legal Robots": A Talk by Tianyu Yuan, Co-Founder of LEX Superior, and Oliver Groth, a doctoral researcher in Computer Vision and Robotics.

"Fighting Financial Fraud with the Aid of Simulation": A Talk by Dr. Edgar Lopez-Rojas, a Fraud Analytics expert.

"Addressing Africa’s Challenges in Smart Contracts" A Talk by Herman Singh, CEO of Future Advisory. Organised in collaboration with the Oxford Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab.

Panel Discussion on "Cryptocurrency Regulations and Future of the Crypto Economy" with Richard Howlett and Pete Wood.

Lunchtime Seminar on "ICO Regulations" with Valerio Di Mascio

2020 Jan - Present

Talk on "The ICO's AI Auditing Framework" with Reuben Binns from the ICO

Talk on “When Blockchain Meets Arbitration: the Birth of Decentralized Justice” with Dr Federico Ast ... and more! Refer to the "Events" tab to see the recent events.


Fuse, a LegalTech accelerator at Allen & Overy's tech innovation space - with Shruti Ajitsaria.

Presentation on Startupbootcamp InsurTech and InsurTech Trends.

Talk on Careers in Finance 2.0 and Smart Contracts at Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE).

Presentation on Legaltech division at Linklaters.

Fuse, a LegalTech accelerator at Allen & Overy's tech innovation space.


Articles, Blogs & Mentions in Media

Published Article

"Combatting fraudulent transactions with Machine Learning" by Domenico De Martino & Vaibhav Manchanda, Feb 2020.

Published Article

"From Micronesia to Blockchain" by Irene Tsoutsou & Vaibhav Manchanda, Dec 2019.

Published Article

"Fintech Investment in the UK: Miracle or Mystery?" by Shiyi Huang, May 2019.

Published Article

"Antitrust analysis of two-sided platforms: the day after AmEx" by Oscar Borgogno and Giuseppe Colangelo, Apr 2019.

Published Article

"Data sharing and interoperability" by Oscar Borgogno and Giuseppe Colangelo, Apr 2019.

Oxford Business Law Blog

"Technology and Finance – All about Blockchain?" by Lukas Wagner, 12 Nov 2018.

Oxford Business Law Blog

"Oxford Fintech & SmartLaw Society: A Student-led Initiative to Explore Disruptive Technologies" by Alfonso Delgado, 17 Jan 2017.

Oxford Business Law Blog

"Data, Innovation and Transatlantic Competition in Finance: The Case of the Access to Account Rule" by Oscar Borgogno and Giuseppe Colangelo, 5 Dec 2018.


"What is the Future of Blockchain competition?" - Future of Blockchain 2018.


"The Fintech & SmartLaw Society goes from strength to strength" - News at Faculty of Law, University of Oxford 2018.


"What is Fintech? And How to Build a Career in Fintech" - CFTE Blog 2018.


"FinTech in Focus" - Milken Institute Blog 2017.

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